Possible to force last data point labels?

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Hi there,

In the example below, the data runs to 2017-12-23 but the last label (on the right) says 2017-11-25. This confuses our users as these charts update weekly and sometimes they will think that the data is not recent when it is.

Is there a way to force the first and last data point labels to ensure that it's known when the start and end dates are just by looking at the labels?



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I had heard that setting canvaspadding to 0 will do it but it only works for the first label, and the last label is never shown (just barely).


Example w/ slightly different data but using 'canvaspadding' => 0:


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Please note since the number of plots are huge hence FusionCharts automatically shows labels so as to provide a good visualization, hence if you want to show all the labels of the data plots please set labelDisplay as NONE but please note this will make the labels overlap since you are forcefully disabling the label customization and skipping.

From the above requirement since you are updating the column charts data on a weekly basis, and you want to show the x-axis limits you could set showLables to 0 at the chart level and inside the data level please set showLabel to 1 only for the first and the last data plot in order to show them as limits.

Please check this sample fiddle for reference - http://jsfiddle.net/fmw79ajt/

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Hey Ayan,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, that is one possible solution. I will give that a try.

But no, I don't need to show all labels of course. The only suggestion I have would be to improve the show/hide label algorithm to always show the first and last labels and fill in the rest as is possible as this would make for a much better default I think. I don't see any downside to this as it's currently random based on chart width and # of data points.

[edit] The method you describe would effectively involve us writing the algorithm that we'd like to see as the default, just FYI.

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