Checkmarx reports potential XSS issues

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We use Checkmarx Static Code Analysis to identify code vulnerabilities.  In fusioncharts.js 3.12.2, Checkmarx reports 3 potential XSS issues when setting innerHTML to a text property:

line 310 (first occurrence): FusionXSS1.PNG.46068b27970934769aab275c5daec011.PNG

line 310 (second occurrence): FusionXSS2.PNG.d51c19b2a68ecae4228dea1a77754f99.PNG

line 316: FusionXSS3.PNG.a7611efea4cc925c7c10208c23b5f78c.PNG

Can you either fix these vulnerabilities or assure us that they cannot be used to enable a cross site scripting attack?

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