Fusion Chart -multiple subcaption-addition of Text on bottom of Chart

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Hi. I have a requirement to add some text on the bottom of the chart, I tried by adding text into watermark text place . its a lengthier text, so it can't be fully visible at the bottom, could not able to split the text into 3 lines. is anyone knows please help me?

please advice me on this, little urgent.chart.png.f7c6b7ea577b0f7dba2a02e25c553565.png


thanks in advance 

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You can use the Text annotations to position place a custom string anywhere on the chart. Please refer to the documentation link :


Also find a sample fiddle for reference :

To have the text in multiple lines, add {br} within the custom text ass in the above sample.


Please note : Annotations are static in nature.

To position the annotations, refer to this link :




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