showZeroPies crashes with larger amount of labels

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just implemented the new attribute 'showZeroPies' for my doughnut2d charts.

Switching between on and off works well with a small amount of labels, in most of my cases 2-4.

But there is one chart with 21 labels, where always switching from showZeroPies=1 to showZeroPies=0 crashes with error shown in the attached images.

I'm implementing in Angular 6 and Fusioncharts 3.13.2-sr.1.

Switching showZeroPies is done with 'chart.setChartAttribute('showZeroPies', '{0|1}')' where 'chart' object is obtained from fusioncharts' component 'initialized' output property.





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chart.setChartAttribute('showZeroPies', '{0|1}')' --> setChartAttribute method can have one key value as a pair , for example chart.setChartAttribute('showZeroPies', '0')

Kindly upgrade to the latest version of FusionCharts 3.15.1-sr.1 and let me know if you are still facing the problem.

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