Doughnut 2d Graph, Smart Labels

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HI Akash,

Can we provide dynamic color through smartLineColor in Fusion charts options of Doughnut 2d Graph.

I want to color the name as well the smart label line with same color as that of arc in front of it .is it possible?


eg :- Kim(10/10/1989) and the line connecting it to be in blue color.

and if possible can i pass array of colors for arc and then map it 




Data for changes.JPG

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Hi Suraj,


You can set the color of the labels and the values same as the plot color using the attribute "useDataPlotColorForLabels". Please refer to the sample fiddle below :

Also, to set the color of the smart line use the attribute "smartLineColor" with the hexadecimal color code.

Please note : "smartLineColor" applies to all the smart lines of the chart.




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