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custom tooltip options on scatter charts

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I am using scatter chart, Currently, I just want to show a table on hover of each data point for that I am using plottooltext. There I want to display more than two external values I am able to show only one value at a time using the tag "displayValue".

Using "displayValue" I can show only one value, Is there any other way to display multiple external data on hover of scatter data points.

Please let me know if anything is there, went through the documentation there I have not found anything except "displayValue" for external data.



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Hi Satya,


Yes, you can display HTML table instead of the traditional tooltip to show the plot details on hovering the plot. You can refer to the below sample for the implementation :


However, to display the plot details in tooltip, you can use the pre-defined set of macros supported by FusionCharts, like $dataValue, $displayValue, etc.

But for any additional values that you want to display, macros will not work as they are not available or pre-defined in the supported macros list.

Please check the documentation for reference to the macros list of tooltip :




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