plotToolText for stacked area 2d total

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I'm using stacked area 2d, I've enabled drawcrossline.

So far I've only two sets of data, so I've two stacked area graph.

When I put plotToolText with Macros, it's showing two graphs of values without any issues.

plotToolText: '$seriesName, $dataValue, $value'

My tooltip will look something like this,



MyGraphSeriesName1, $34.5k, 345000

MyGraphSeriesName2, $14.5k, 145000


I need to have the sum of the two stacked area graph values in the graph like below.? is it possible to do.?



MyGraphSeriesName1, $34.5k, 34500

MyGraphSeriesName2, $14.5k, 14500

Total, $49k, 49000



Thanks in advance.

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The "stackedarea2d" chart type does not support "showSum" attribute feature as of now. So, it is not possible to show the summed value using $sum macro in the tooltip for stacked area chart.

For reference you can check the attribute list of the mentioned chart type :




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