Guillaume Morin

[FusionTime] Binning second

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Hi Guillaume,

Thank you for writing to us. Apologies for the delayed response.

We would like to inform you that the date value in your data is converted to timestamp before feeding into the chart. Hence, milliseconds' binning cannot be a blank array and you will need to modify the milliseconds' binning to [1, 2] to zoom into seconds granularity.

Please refer to this fiddle:


Srishti Jaiswal

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Now it zooms into 15s granularity, but not into 1s, could you explain why ?

I am having hard time understanding how this binning thing works, I thought the value we put in the binning arrays were defining the different zoom levels we can go into.

But having to set [1,2] into milliseconds binning to be able to zoom into 15s granularity really confuses me. I have to configure 1ms and 2ms binning, even though I don't want to allow zoom into ms, just to allow zoom into seconds ?

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