Wrong values on aggregated data tooltips

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When the value of the aggregation property is set on last on a fusiontime chart,  I expect to systematically get the last value of the chart shown when data are aggregated.

Here : 9 177 € should refer to 18/10/2010


Instead, when the chart is zoomed in, another value is shown (9172 instead of 9177)


It looks like Fusiontime shows the value of the previous day :excl:


This error depends on the charts. It seems to be a random behaviour.

Any guess ?

Thank you.

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In the below sample, the "Last" aggregation function is used and the timeseries chart is rendered as expected without any errors.

Please refer to this demo for implementation:

Please try replicating the issue you are facing in the above sample and share with us so that we can check.



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