FusionTime- How do I handle 24 hour charts?

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I'll start by explaining the parameters of the intended parameters of the chart. The chart is meant to cover a 24 hour period of the current day with a column for each hour. The current time format i am using is  %-d/%-m/%Y  %H:%M:%S. The values entered have a time range of 00:00:00->23:00:00. The table is constructed from 4 arrays each with an entry for every hour. The empty entrys which all have a value of 0 are included in the created table.


So far there have been 3 issues:

  1. The time navigator is visually out of sync with the chart ie the Graph inside it is displayed as being an hour ahead of where it is. 
  2. The columns are placed an hour ahead of where they should be ie 00:00:00 would be placed at 1AM. This can be corrected using the timezone offset but that doesnt correct the next point.
  3. The column pop ups display the time as being an hour ahead of where the column is ie the column from the previous point would have a pop up saying it was 2AM.

These issues don't occur if the year is set in the 1900-1915 range so I am not sure if this is a bug or I'm making a mistake somewhere.
Is it possible to create  a chart with a 24 hour time frame and not include the dates.

A secondary question I have is  how do i trigger the selectionChange event in Angular? I want to retrieve current time range of the navigator and use it to filter a table. At the moment i am making use of the chartClick and chartMouseMove events to make to achieve the intended result but they dont take into account mouse scrolling. Is is possible to use or is there another event i can use?

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Update: I have managed to get the selectionChange event working. I had previously attempted to use the addEventListener but the way i did it caused a feedback loop that stopped the app. I found the correct way to handle it and got it working.
I have decided for the time being to leave the year in the 1900-1915 range and simply remove all instances of the year being displayed. I have managed to do this in all cases except for the gridline label for the start of the day since the outputdateformat only covers the tooltip. The label appears as "12AM Jul 14, 1910" and i want to git rid of the 1910

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