Nothing happens after the capturing (Export)

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Hi i am using fusion charts v3.0




I have placed the appropriate(fs) jsps in /jsp directory of my web application.




i have modified the










I too have included the in the classes folder of the web application.




i have added the following attributes to my fs chart's xml.




exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportFileName='CEM4Mobile' exportAction='download' exportHandler='http://localhost:8080/charts/jsp/FCExporter.jsp'




I have also added the js function for exporting.




the capturing occurs but nothing happes after that.












I found a java script error in FusionChartsExportComponent.js




reference to undefined property a.parameters.exportParameters.triggerOrdinal


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Are you trying to export the chart on the client side or server side?

You would need the FusionChartsExportComponent.js for the client side export, whereas the FCExporter.jsp and other jsps are for server side export.

If you want to use the server side export: ( in this case, exportAtClient attribute should not be 1)

The path you are using seems to be incorrect.

exportHandler attribute is the path to the jsp file which handles the export after capturing.


In, RESOURCEPATH  should be relative to Web application root, please start with a forward slash


Hope this helps!:)

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Thanks Your reply really worked for me, with a minor alteration :)




Since i am using the charts with in portlets the context path also has to be given








where 'charts' is my context path of the portlet.:)

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