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Reg. 2d dual y combination chart

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Am using fusion charts v3 and trying to draw a chart using 2d dual y combination chart. I had set zeroplanealpha = '0' but am able to see 0 in the yaxis. I need to avoid that too. How is it possible. Please find attached a jpeg of the same.

Any response regarding this is highly appreciated.


Sajid Khan


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Hello Sajid,




Welcome to the forum! :w00t:




Could you please try setting the showLimits attribute the in the chart element to zero and see?




<chart ...showLimits='0'...>




Hope this helps. :)

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Hi Saptarshi,

Thanks for your response.

Even after adding the showLimits='0', still the '0' is visible on y-axis. Is there any way, it can be hidden.


Sajid Khan

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Hello Sajid,




You are most welcome! :)




Could you please post your XML here as an attachment so that we may take a look at what is causing trouble?

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The XML is "

<chart caption='Region : D_Full'  bgcolor='D3D3D3,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,FFFFFF' yAxisName='Flow' bgAlpha='10'  bgRatio='4,20' xAxisNamePadding='0' yAxisNamePadding='0' showvalues='0' canvasBgAlpha ='8' animation='1' canvasBorderAlpha ='5' canvasBgColor ='gray' showLegend ='1' outCnvBaseFont='Arial' outCnvBaseFontSize='10' baseFont ='arial' showToolTip ='1'  legendBorderThickness ='0px' legendShadow='1' toolTipBgColor='FF8040' toolTipSepChar='|' legendPadding ='80px' legendBorderAlpha='0' anchorAlpha='0' drawAnchords='0'  labelStep='15'  width='305px' showLimits='0' height='300px' decimals='2' legendAllowDrag='1'  showBorder='0' legendScrollBgColor='gray' yAxisMinValue='-18.0305' yAxisMaxValue='24.7317' chartLeftMargin='0' chartRightMargin='150 '  labelDisplay ='ROTATE' chartTopMargin='10' zeroPlaneAlpha ='0' numDivLines='10' showZeroPlane='0' adjustDiv='0' divLineColor ='red' formatNumberScale='1' formatNumber='1' yAxisValueDecimals='4' >


<category label='0' /><category label='6096' /><category label='12192' />

<category label='18288' /><category label='24384' /><category label='30480' />

<category label='36370' /><category label='42260' /><category label='48150' />

<category label='54040' /><category label='60310' /><category label='66580' />

<category label='72850' /><category label='79120' /><category label='85390' />

<category label='92194' /><category label='98998' /><category label='105802' />

<category label='112606' /><category label='119410' /><category label='126507' />

<category label='637079' /><category label='642779' />


<dataset seriesName='Flow -- m3/s'parentYAxis='P' renderAs='Line'lineThickness ='1' Color='FF0000'>

<set value='23.8183' toolText='0 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = 23.8183 m3/s' />

<set value='23.8194' toolText='6096 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = 23.8194 m3/s' />

<set value='23.8221' toolText='12192 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = 23.8221 m3/s' />

<set value='23.8269' toolText='18288 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = 23.8269 m3/s' />

<set value='24.7219' toolText='60310 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = 24.7219 m3/s' />

<set value='24.7267' toolText='66580 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = 24.7267 m3/s' />

<set value='24.7286' toolText='72850 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = 24.7286 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9486' toolText='458079 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9486 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9513' toolText='463874.3 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9513 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9544' toolText='469669.7 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9544 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.958' toolText='475465 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.958 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9624' toolText='481741 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9624 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9673' toolText='488017 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9673 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9727' toolText='494293 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9727 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9788' toolText='500831.2 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9788 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9854' toolText='507369.4 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9854 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9924' toolText='513907.6 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9924 m3/s' />

<set value='-15.9998' toolText='520445.8 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -15.9998 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0076' toolText='526984 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0076 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0149' toolText='532839.2 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0149 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0225' toolText='538694.4 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0225 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0302' toolText='544549.6 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0302 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0382' toolText='550404.8 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0382 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0463' toolText='556260 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0463 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0558' toolText='562959 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0558 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0653' toolText='569658 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0653 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.0749' toolText='576357 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.0749 m3/s' />

<set value='-16.15' toolText='631379 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -16.15 m3/s' />

<set value='-18.0278' toolText='637079 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -18.0278 m3/s' />

<set value='-18.0305' toolText='642779 m ,%26lt;BR%26gt; Flow = -18.0305 m3/s' /></dataset>

<styles><definition><style name='myHTMLFont' type='font' isHTML='1' />

</definition><application><apply toObject='TOOLTIP' styles='myHTMLFont' />



The output which is being generated is as shown in the image attached:

I dont wanna see the "0" circled in this image.

Please provide your suggestions.


Sajid Khan


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Is there any alternate way, in which the display of zero can be hidden in the above mentioned scenario. My client is requesting to have that zero being hidden as it is not in sync with the scaling and values which are being displayed in the display

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