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XML which is given as input parameter to dataURL has special characters.

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I have some special characters in the XML data which we feed to the dataURL in the fusion charts. Below is the piece of XML code which I am sending to the dataURL, where the country name has a special character. It is throwing - Invalid XML data.

 <task start="08/16/2005" processId="33" end="08/17/2005" Id="113" color="333333,ffffff,333333" alpha="80" animation="1" height="7" hoverText="Mr Sinlan,Consultant,Ceara & SaoLuis,BR

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The graph XML looks something like the below one and the word which contains special character is highlighted.


<graph ganttWidthPercent='80' caption='Details' ganttLineColor='cccccc'  ganttLineThickness= '0' ganttLineAlpha='40' canvasBorderColor='C0C0C0' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBorderAlpha='100' dateFormat='mm/dd/yyyy' animation='0' showTaskNames='0' gridBorderAlpha='40' >

<categories isBold='1'>

 <category start='5/1/2007' end='5/31/2007' name='2007'/>


<categories isBold='1'>

 <category start='5/1/2007' end='5/31/2007' name='May'/>


<categories  align='left' >

 <category start='5/1/2007' end='5/6/2007' name='5/1' />

 <category start='5/7/2007' end='19/13/2007' name='5/7' />

 <category start='5/14/2007' end='5/20/2007' name='5/14' />

 <category start='5/21/2007' end='5/27/2007' name='5/21'  />

 <category start='5/28/2007' end='5/31/2007' name='5/28' />



 <line start="5/17/2007" displayValue="Today" color="666666" isTrendZone="1" alpha="20" />


<categories isBold='0' fontSize='9'>

 <category start='5/1/2007' end='5/1/2007' name='T' />

 <category start='5/2/2007' end='5/2/2007' name='W'/>

 <category start='5/3/2007' end='5/3/2007' name='T'/>

 <category start='5/4/2007' end='5/4/2007' name='F'/>

 <category start='5/5/2007' end='5/5/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1' />

 <category start='5/6/2007' end='5/6/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1'  fontColor='ff0000' />

 <category start='5/7/2007' end='5/7/2007' name='M' />

 <category start='5/8/2007' end='5/8/2007' name='T'/>

 <category start='5/9/2007' end='5/9/2007' name='W'/>

 <category start='5/10/2007' end='5/10/2007' name='T'/>

 <category start='5/11/2007' end='5/11/2007' name='F'/>

 <category start='5/12/2007' end='5/12/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1'/>

 <category start='5/13/2007' end='5/13/2007' name='S'  bgColor='f1f1f1'  fontColor='ff0000'/>

 <category start='5/14/2007' end='5/14/2007' name='M'/>

 <category start='5/15/2007' end='5/15/2007' name='T'/>

 <category start='5/16/2007' end='5/16/2007' name='W'/>

 <category start='5/17/2007' end='5/17/2007' name='T'/>

 <category start='5/18/2007' end='5/18/2007' name='F'/>

 <category start='5/19/2007' end='5/19/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1'/>

 <category start='5/20/2007' end='5/20/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1'  fontColor='ff0000'/>

 <category start='5/21/2007' end='5/21/2007' name='M'/>

 <category start='5/22/2007' end='5/22/2007' name='T'/>

 <category start='5/23/2007' end='5/23/2007' name='W'/>

 <category start='5/24/2007' end='5/24/2007' name='T'/>

 <category start='5/25/2007' end='5/25/2007' name='F'/>

 <category start='5/26/2007' end='5/26/2007' name='S'  bgColor='f1f1f1'/>

 <category start='5/27/2007' end='5/27/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1'  fontColor='ff0000'/>

 <category start='5/28/2007' end='5/28/2007' name='M'/>

 <category start='5/29/2007' end='5/29/2007' name='T'/>

 <category start='5/30/2007' end='5/30/2007' name='W'/>

  <category start='5/31/2007' end='5/31/2007' name='T'/>


<processes headerVAlign="center" headerText="Team Member" positionInGrid="Left">

  <process Name="Kandkkena  L. Wolk" id="1" /> </processes>

<tasks> <task start="05/16/2007" processId="33" end="05/17/2007" Id="113" color="333333,ffffff,333333" alpha="80" animation="1" height="7" hoverText="Mr Kandkkena L. Wolk,<br>Senior Consultant,XYMMDM,<br>Ceara & SaoLuis,BR

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