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Regarding the issue of form tag

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  I am having the fallowing requeirement :

<form runat="server>



  <asp:Button id="btn" runat="server" onclick="btn_Click" />


  But when i am clicking the button it is not calling the btn_Click event.

Please could you tell me what may be the issue.

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try removing the nested <form></form> once..and you will see that the button is working....

I fgure out that you might be using this as suggested by Adobe's, but trust me you can use the other way around... registering  after the chart is rendered:

<script language="java script">
  window[chartId]=document.getElementById(chartId); //or else document.forms[formName/formIndex][chartId]

You may need to modify the FusionCharts.js 's a code part :

infosoftglobal.FusionChartsUtil.getChartObject = function(id)


//  if (window.document[id]) {

// return window.document[id];

//  }

  if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft Internet")==-1) {

  if (document.embeds && document.embeds[id])

  return document.embeds[id];

  } else {

  return document.getElementById(id);




This works...

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