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Firefox crashed with Real-time satcked column chart - DEMO

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I have noticed an issue when starting / stopping the chart update with the real time stacked column chart(Gadgets V3). Firefox consistently crashes - see attached screenshot.

I can reproduce the problem as follows:

1. Load the Real-Time Stacked Column Chart demo from your www site.

2. start and stop real-time update from the chart menu continually.

3. Firefox crashes as per the screen shot.

4. I appears easier to reproduce when updates are happening vs when there is no update happening to the chart

Flash Version: 8,0,22,0

Firefox version:

OS: Win Xp with latest updates from M$

I have also noticed the same behaviour with the real-time multi line chart


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It occurred consistently within 5 times of starting/stopping the update.

However, it did not always occur if I stopped just once (occasionally crashed on first stop).


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