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Arni XET

feedData() usig RealTimeLineDY.swf

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I have been able to get the feedData() function working and am quite happy, but in using the RealTimeLineDY.swf chart, I have not been able to figure out the proper data text stream to use.




I have two datasets, one for the pYAxis and on for the sYAxis: (I used

below but it doesn't show. sorry)




When I update the data, sending them to feedData(), I use:








Both of the values are drawn related to the sYAxis instead of to pYAxis and to sYAxis.




How do I tell the chart that the first value belongs to pYAxis and the second to sYAxis?




Thanks for the help.

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Based on the order of datasets in your XML, the chart parses the stream and maps the value sequentially to that dataset. For example, if the first dataset in your XML belongs to P-Axis, the first value in stream would be mapped to pAxis too.

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