How to Print Fusion Chart

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Hi Avinash,

We don't have the sample code, but a DLL which allows to save chart as image, and also to print the chart, but this DLL only works for WinForm.

Here are the code snippets that will show, how to use ChartToImage.dll.


void btnPrint_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


  ChartToImage.ChartToImage.PrintChart(FC.Handle, FC.Width, FC.Height, false);



private void btnSaveChartImage_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)



ChartToImage.ChartToImage.GetChartImage(FC.Handle, FC.Width, FC.Height).Save("C:FusionCharts.jpg");


You can download the ChartToImage.dll from the Attachment.

NOTE: You need to add reference to ChartToImage.dll.


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Hi asavva,




FC.Handler is the Window Handler for ShockWave flash object, in WinForm application. It is just like hWnd property of control, If you are familiar with VB 6.0 or VC++.




Without specifying the FC.Handler, ChartToImage.ChartToImage function could not determine the rectangular area of the control.




Also if you are not able to get it work, then please read this thread from starting, and download all the files, as they are linked together.

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