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As we continue to evaluate FusionCharts, I was wondering if for the `heatmap` chart, is it possible to know which square was selected? I'm currently using `events.dataPlotClick` to know when an item was clicked. I would also be looking into if its possible to apply custom class to each square (cursor: pointer;), to let the user know they can click the items.


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Hi Mazen,

In HeatMap chart to programmatically know which item is selected you need to use the "dataplotclick" event API. To highlight the selected items you will have to use setjsondata() method every time to update the CSS of the selected item which will reduce the performance, instead of which you can use the hover attributes.

For your second query, cursor pointer will only appear when the "link" attribute is mentioned in the data object.



Srishti Jaiswal

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