Incomplete data value custom font style 3.14.1

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Hi all,

I just saw that the 3.14.1 is out, and I just want to say that you did a very nice work just for that new thing : "Some attributes of data plot cosmetics like valueFontColor, valueBgColor and valueBorderColor will now apply at data series and individual data point level."

However ... Why did you stopped at these styles ? "valueFontBold" and "valueFontSize" should have been added too at least, both are really useful I think (might be "valueFontAlpha" too ? But not sure in which case to use it yet) !

What do you think of it ?

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Hi Sebastien,


As of now the valueFontBold, valueFontSize and valueFontAlpha are supported at chart-level and not at data-level dataSource. The attributes for the value font cosmetics introduced in this version are supported at data-level.
For your mentioned attributes we need to check internally for this.




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