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Found 15 results

  1. I would like to make a heat map that calculates the color ranges for each row separately As shown in the image, that row number 1 has its own color range and row number 2 also has its own color range. Ya que el rango de colores que me muestra es general toma en cuenta las dos filas.
  2. Hi Team, I'm using heatmap with% values and get blank Or null values where Numerator/denominator= 0/0 =null, I want to see these nulls having a color say Grey Or a text that says 'NA'. I even added 'NA' in the my dataset for nulls but still heatmap shows a blank cell. Please suggest a solution. Thanks Apurva
  3. Matrix with bubble chart

    Hi All How can we achieve the Matrix with a bubble chart as shown in the image? The background colors are fixed. Thanks
  4. Selection of HeatMap

    Hello, As we continue to evaluate FusionCharts, I was wondering if for the `heatmap` chart, is it possible to know which square was selected? I'm currently using `events.dataPlotClick` to know when an item was clicked. I would also be looking into if its possible to apply custom class to each square (cursor: pointer;), to let the user know they can click the items. -Mazen
  5. Hi, I've created a Heatmap, it's X axis is at top (horizontal) and Y axis is at left side (vertical). I need to know if following is possible, as I tried so many options but nothing worked. 1. Align the y axis lables to the left instead of right, 2. Wrap the lables for longer texts 3. Can I have a fixed space to fit the y axis? Please let me know. Thanks Apurva
  6. Hi, I'm facing no/Black color issue with my Heatmap. I've created a heatmap. Say dimension is Month and the values are all zero, I gave minvalue=0, maxvalue=100, color range 0 to 50 is 'Red', 50 to 100 is 'Green'. When I have only zero values for all months I get color as Black but when any value is more than 0 for any of the Month, all the other zero values starts showing 'Red' as expected. I need to know why the color is Black when all values are Zero, I need 'Red' for all the months even if all values are 0. Why it is not considering minValue as 0. Please suggest. Thanks Apurva
  7. FC heatmap not working

    Hi, I am using FC heatmap, but its showing "loading ...please wait..." in reactJS ! Can anyone please explain what files to be included to run heatmap? Heatmap link :
  8. FC heatmap not working

    Hi, I am using FC heatmap, but its showing "loading ...please wait..." in reactJS ! Can anyone please explain what files to be included to run heatmap? Heatmap link :
  9. Hi, I'm trying to make my heatmap chart gradient range from white to red. If I specify the red color code in the color range object for the chart it will range from black to red, which is not ideal for my use case. To fix this I'd have to do the following "colorRange": { "gradient": "1", "minValue": "0", "code": "#ffffff", "startLabel": "Poor", "endLabel": "Good", "color": [ { "code": "#FF0000", "maxValue": "666" }] } This works as expected, however the problem is that I have to specify the max value, which means I need to find the highest value column in the heatmap chart and apply that value to the maxValue key, which makes this far less convenient than it could be. It would be great if I could do something like this "colorRange": { "gradient": "1", "minValue": "0" "startCode": "#ffffff", "code": "#FF0000", "startLabel": "Poor", "endLabel": "Good" } Which would result in the following Thanks in advance
  10. I want to change heat map chart design like HTML table. Is it possible? My table has 1 header on its top and left, and no total. It's simpler than sample image.
  11. Hi, it is possible in PowerCharts to set an image behind the heatmap as background? I want to have the image behind the heatmap, not behind the labels. Otherwise it makes no sense. Because the heatmap must have x-coordinates and y-coordinates of the picture. (not the same labels as in that example.) example in fiddle
  12. Hi, I was using fusion charts 3.4 in the past and the heatmap was rendering fine. After I updated the library to 3.10.1, it doesnot render. In the browser console, I see: fusioncharts.js:38 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'labellink' of undefined There are other charts in the application, which work fine, but load relatively slower than they used to when it was 3.4. Can I get any help on resolving this. Thanks, Vijay
  13. Heatmap click

    Do you happen to have a small sample that uses JSON data in a heatmap that calls a JavaScript on the same page that passes the row and column data? Thanks Bill
  14. Hello there! I'm using Heatmap and liking it performance, but if i want to plot a 9k data (hour/day for a year) it gets really slow and browser crash alot (using chrome). Does it happen to anyone else? what can i do? i really need to handle that lenght of information. thank you
  15. Hi , I have used heatmap in my project. i want to disply in the row & column level tool tip. Find the attached image. Is that possible in heatmap? Thanks in advance.